Deluxe Corp. has evolved from a leading global check printer to become an indispensable partner to small businesses and financial institutions, providing products, services and advice to help them succeed.

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Start from the inside out.

Deluxe, a global leader in check printing for more than a century, saw the rapid decline in check writing as a critical opportunity to transform its business strategy. Honoring its heritage and creating excitement for new lines of business would position the company for the next 100 years. To succeed, Deluxe needed to signal an authentic change, from the inside out.

  • Development opportunities, business milestone celebrations and inspired leadership keep employees engaged, energized and strategically focused.
  • Employee-focused programs fuel performance, strengthen the culture, and help attract and keep top talent.
  • Innovation drives evolution—Deluxe uses creative spaces to encourage collaboration and creativity.
  • Clear, consistent communication supports long-term success for the mergers and acquisitions that help Deluxe grow.

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  • Maximized internal communication to support revenue growth, manage acquisitions and tell a new brand story
  • Renewed employee confidence through successful company initiatives focused on wellness, retention and engagement
  • Grew team trust and understanding by partnering with leaders on strategic initiatives, organizational changes and new products/services

Beehive has been a valued Deluxe partner for 11 years, successfully guiding employee communication, engagement and strategic understanding during a time of significant organizational change. They have a genuine enthusiasm for our business, consistently deliver results, and have gained trust and confidence at all levels of our business.
—Judy Gallagher, VP, Organization Effectiveness, Deluxe Corp.

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