Modern leaders understand that a healthy workplace culture isn’t just a passing trend and that improving workplace culture is a smart long-term investment. New generations joining the workforce are driving a fundamental shift in expectations among all workers in areas like well-being, flexibility, professional development, and diversity and inclusion.

Well-being programs are critical to positive workplace cultures

Well-being programs are critical to a healthy workplace culture. When organizations ignore the well-being of their employees, it can create a burn-out culture and significant organizational turnover. Organizations with cultures grounded in holistic wellness, on the other hand, have employees who are more inspired, creative, strategic, productive and resilient.

Strong physical, emotional and mental health make growth and success possible. And when organizations invest in the resources, tools and support their employees need to be healthy, their teams have the physical strength, emotional stability and mental clarity to do their best work.

A personalized approach to employee wellness

One of the most recent examples of how Beehive has invested in employee well-being is through a personalized health and wellness approach. Employees receive an annual wellness budget they use for health and wellness expenses (physical, mental, emotional). This is a highly personal approach that directly supports each person’s wellness journey in a meaningful and equitable way.

Wellness inspiration

There are so many ways to invest in your health and wellness. Here are some examples of what our team has used their wellness budgets for that you may find inspirational.

Classes, memberships and subscriptions – Boot camp workout class enrollment, personal training sessions, Orange Theory membership, fitness classes, nutrition workshop and counseling, Headspace app subscription, virtual running coach subscription, meal subscription boxes

  • Activewear – Running shoes, cycle shoes, rock climbing shoes, workout apparel
  • Supplies – Journal, nutritional supplements, humidifier
  • Sleep support – Weighted blankets, supportive pillows, essential oils
  • Services – Massage, reiki, hydrating facial, detox space services
  • Technology – Apple watch, Fitbit activity tracker, air pod pros
  • Equipment – Downhill ski equipment, hiking backpack, hammock, goggles and swim cap

The wellness budgets along with our regular wellness challenges help our team be more active, improve their focus and positivity, boost creativity, take better care of themselves, come to work rested, and ultimately feel more valued and appreciated. It’s a win-win-win for employees, Beehive and our clients.

Let us know what your organization is doing to support well-being. We love new ideas! And if you’d like to learn more about how to transform your workplace culture through wellness initiatives or assess your current workplace culture, you can learn more here.

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