Deluxe Corp. has evolved from a leading global check printer to become an indispensable partner to small businesses and financial institutions, providing products, services and advice to help them succeed.

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Be prepared.

With great growth across business and an expanding employee-base across North America, Deluxe recognized that a crisis can occur at a moment’s notice.

Deluxe partnered with Beehive to ensure the organization could handle and respond to a situation that could have a significant and long- lasting impact on the company.

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  • Built and sustained a crisis communication plan that is adaptable to varied circumstances.
  • Identified and assembled key crisis teams to lead incident response.
  • Provided a framework to preserve the continuity of the business, ensure the well-being of company employees, and protect brand and market reputation.
  • Staged crisis scenario trainings to assess the effectiveness of the plan in varied situations.

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