GEHA is one of the largest benefits providers offering medical and dental plans for federal employees and their families. GEHA is a not-for-profit partner who prioritizes their members’ well-being.

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GEHA has proudly offered health plans to federal employees for 84 years. Sweeping changes in healthcare regulation and a changing federal employee base compelled a new business strategy and strategic position to move the organization into the future.

Successful activation required a culture shift to engage and inspire both legacy and new employees to pivot to the future, advance GEHA’s mission and drive growth. Beehive partnered with GEHA to inspire and empower employees to create a differentiated experience — inside and out.

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  • Unified employees around a refreshed mission, vision and values as led and modeled by the new CEO and executive leaders.
  • Established communication framework and cadence that resulted in significant gains in employee engagement as measured by Gallup.
  • Created proactive, open communication channels to guide organization through leader and structure changes needed to better align with new strategy.
  • Introduced and integrated refreshed values into the culture through ongoing outreach and a wide array of engagement opportunities to appeal to all employees.
  • Built excitement across the organization by celebrating progress, milestones and positive impact made by the company and its employees.

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