Coloplast is an international medical device company that makes life easier for people with personal, private medical conditions.

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Engage them socially.

When innovation is truly life-changing, it’s easier to talk about the most personal medical conditions – even on Facebook. Coloplast used social media to introduce SpeediCath® Compact Set (a simplified, easy-to-use catheter) to patients looking for more freedom, discretion and confidence.

The “Live Big, Pack Small” campaign showed how SpeediCath provided users with new levels of freedom, and invited them to enter a contest to win the travel package of their dreams.

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  • Drove product interest and social community growth, exceeding all contest participation and patient reach goals
  • Built an engaged, receptive audience for future product launches by turning a clinical device into a desirable lifestyle product
  • Generated new, highly-qualified sales leads and motivated distributors to carry Speedicath based on demand

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