GiveMN partnered with Beehive to leverage Minnesota’s long-standing spirit of giving. We inspired Minnesotans and reporters to put their values into action by donating to their favorite causes during Give to the Max Day in 2021.

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Minnesota is one of the most generous states in the nation, yet 30% of the state’s nonprofits reported in March 2021 that they had less than six months before they would exhibit financial distress.

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Key Tactics

  • Statewide media outreach
    Identified and pitched organizations and reporters who publicly expressed support for specific causes or organizations.
  • Brought impact story to life
    Encouraged storytelling with shareable resources including an op-ed, infographic and matching local non-profit spokespeople with local media outlets.
  • Activated networks
    Beehive reached out to professional networks (MN B Corps, the MN social impact community etc.) to encourage donations and content sharing.

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Give to the Max Day 2021 set a fundraising record, topping $34 million that benefited thousands of organizations across the state.

  • 308 earned media placements with 270,631,352 impressions
  • 150 organic media mentions with 80,993,692 impressions (84 markets in 35 states)
  • Earned media coverage ran in 55 Minnesota markets, and 39 markets in Greater Minnesota
  • GTMD byline received strong pick up in smaller markets and MinnPost, with minimal editing
  • The press releases received extensive pick up, especially in unexpected markets beyond Minnesota

Beehive was a great partner for GiveMN and Give to the Max. From planning to execution, they are very smart and savvy about what they do, and great to work with. It was one of the best agency experiences I’ve ever had—and I’ve had a lot of them!
—Jake Blumberg, Executive Director, GiveMN

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