A joint venture between industry veterans launched a new player in the future of cell and gene therapies. ScaleReady delivers rapid expansion of potentially life-saving T-cells to treat cancer and other conditions by reducing the complexity and cost of production.

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ScaleReady’s mission is to accelerate the groundbreaking advances in cell and gene therapy by satisfying the longstanding need for a truly scalable, cost-effective and practical manufacturing platform.

ScaleReady needed key messages to differentiate its brand and mission to create consistency across earned, owned and shared platforms in a competitive and innovative industry.

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  • Build a strategic communication launch plan with specific focus on earned, owned and shared channels
  • Established consistent key messages understandable for the med-tech community, media and general public
  • Activate the plan to drive differentiated brand awareness to generate leads
  • Balance the technology and human benefit elements of the story to create appeal beyond the bio-technology industry

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  • ScaleReady experienced successful media and social media coverage despite interruption of the launch day news cycle by a violent siege at the U.S. Capitol.
  • Launch press release received more than 19 million impressions and 43 news stories
  • Proactive media pitching resulted in six feature stories, including influential industry trade publications and local market business media
  • The newly launch LinkedIn channel was supported by social selling, resulting in 3,300% follower growth, 11% engagement and 7% click through rates — all well above average social media performance metrics

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