Beehive CEO Lisa Hannum had an inspiring conversation with CorTalent’s Laura King in December about the power of purpose, positivity and well-being in the workplace. The CorTalent Connections podcast went live this week. While the world may have changed in the last five months, the themes Lisa and Laura discussed stand the test of time.

The podcast episode includes the following:

  • Beehive’s Brand Story – Learn more about how Lisa started the agency and how it’s changed in the last 21 years, from the early days through the recession, rise of digital, shift to strategic business communications and beyond.
  • Becoming a Certified B Corporation – Lisa explains what a B Corp is, why Beehive pivoted to being a purpose-driven organization, how consumer expectations have raised the bar for organizations to stand for something and how companies can get started on their B Corp journey.
  • Workplace Well-being – Creating a positive workplace culture is key to strong employee retention. Lisa talks about the importance of setting a daily intention, being present and conscious, practicing mindfulness/meditation and other daily well-being practices.
You can learn more about CorTalent and listen to its other podcasts here.


Download Beehive's BeWell daily practices here

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