The Servion Group has been a solutions provider for community financial service organizations and marketplaces for 30+ years.

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CU Companies, a solutions provider for community financial service organizations and marketplaces, rebranded as The Servion Group following a brand equity audit that revealed growing confusion over the company’s name. Nametag International developed the new name and tapped Beehive Strategic Communication to complete the process with logo and identity system development, including master brand and business unit logos and brand use guidelines.

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Beehive drew on marketplace research and insights from the naming process to inform the design strategy.

Research showed blue to be a strong primary brand color, signifying trust and connecting the new name to the original brand. The new logo also included color and design elements that represented each of the company’s five vital business units in a dynamic mark that conveys energy. The company logo is supported by an identity system that differentiates the primary business units while still reinforcing the master brand and identity.

The Final Logo:

The Servion Group logo was created to embody the company’s values of friendship, innovation, leadership and trust.


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  • Research-driven visual brand grounded in an audit of key competitors and current industry trends
  • Brand guidelines and visual communications roadmap that empower The Servion Group marketing team to implement the brand with consistency in diverse channels
  • A complete identity system that provides flexibility to support key business divisions as well as the master brand
  • A dynamic company logo that conveys key brand attributes and supports company values

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