The Minnesota Medical Association (MMA) is a non-profit professional association representing physicians, residents and medical students. With more than 10,000 members, the MMA is dedicated to being the leading voice of medicine to make Minnesota the healthiest state and the best place to practice.

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The Minnesota Medical Association (MMA) partnered with Beehive to highlight the MMA’s local leadership and provide support for both physicians and patients during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond. Practice Good Health was introduced as a statewide call to action, bringing together credible tools, resources and best practice guidelines to make care decisions easier amidst the pandemic. In addition to providing a trusted resource for patients, Practice Good Health also directly supports physicians in creating the safest possible care environments and experiences. This includes physician resources and educational opportunities for their clinics and practices as well as their own well-being.

“The Beehive team was creative, responsive, and adaptable. They were a tremendous help in getting the Minnesota Medical Association’s messaging out during the COVID-19 pandemic, helping us to reach both patients and the state’s physicians. Their messaging cut through the clutter and really drove home our desire to communicate how Minnesotans could help slow the spread of the virus through social distancing, masking, hand-washing and other guidelines. We would definitely turn to them the next time we need a public relations partner.”
– Janet Silversmith, Minnesota Medical Association CEO

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  • Secured media coverage across the state to introduce Practice Good Health, including the MMA’s physician spokespeople as subject matter experts.
  • Partnered with Minnesota’s specialty physician groups to encourage regular, proactive health care, including vaccinations, resulting in media coverage across the state.
  • Developed and placed the MMA’s first public service announcement to raise awareness of the Practice Good Health initiative.
  • Piqued interest and partnership inquiries from other state associations.
  • The campaign won American Association of Medical Society Executives’ (AAMSE) 2021 Profiles of Excellence Award in the communications category.

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