Salo is a leading talent and consulting firm that recently launched a national business expansion grounded by the organization’s refreshed purpose and services.

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Salo’s national growth strategy provided an opportunity to establish a strong thought leadership platform to be integrated across the organization’s marketing, sales and employee initiatives. Leadership partnered with Beehive to develop and activate a differentiated and compelling thought leadership platform to connect and engage all audiences.

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  • Established a future-focused thought leadership platform designed to evolve with the rapidly changing talent marketplace
  • Integrated the thought leadership platform (People-First Workplaces) across sales, marketing and PR efforts, creating message consistency
  • Earned positive media coverage in top-tier publications, positioning Salo as an industry expert
  • Raised visibility for Salo and earned recognition for its leadership
  • Contributed to significant organizational growth as part of its national expansion

“We’ve really enjoyed the partnership and support around Salo’s thought leadership and earned media. I appreciate how Beehive can flex with the changing and individual needs of a business. They are always nimble and responsive, while always bringing in creativity and insight to the process. They really feel like our true partners, and remain committed to our growth, opportunities, and success.” 
— Janeen Vogelaar, Chief Marketing Officer, Salo

Screenshots of media coverage in top-tier publications.

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