Beaumont Health, Michigan’s largest health care system, includes eight hospitals, 168 health centers, 35,000 employees and nearly 5,000 physicians. The Beaumont Health team delivers compassionate, extraordinary care every day by combining the power of its network with world-class expertise.

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A merger brought together three health systems in Southeast Michigan under the name of Beaumont Health, including eight hospitals and more than 35,000 employees. The new organization quickly began a collaborative effort to standardize processes and workflows, dissolve legacy boundaries and advance their mission to deliver compassionate, extraordinary care every day.


This included the consolidation of 16 administrative locations into a newly purchased, centrally located facility with the ultimate vision of creating one administrative employee and business hub, with 2,500 Beaumont employees moving in over the course of 18 months. The move transpired in tandem with the building’s renovation. By bringing together shared services functions, Beaumont created opportunities for partnership and collaboration, a meaningful step in advancing their commitment to make Beaumont a workplace of choice.

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Through an effective change management communication strategy

Beehive partnered with Beaumont to lead change management through communication, articulating why this move was both necessary and positive, creating the foundation for lasting culture change, and clarifying the logistics and tactical requirements inherent to a move of this scale.

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  • Defined the change management strategy – aligning cultural expectations with strategic business goals
  • Developed an internal narrative that created a meaningful connection to the Shared Services strategy and the move to the new building
  • Created a Beaumont-wide move campaign that inspired forward momentum and aligned to business objectives
  • Designed and activated an 18-month communication plan that articulated the need for change, clarified move-specific logistics, celebrated progress, rewarded accountability and built excitement across the organization