St. Paul, Minn., Sept. 29, 2021Lisa Hannum, CEO, Beehive Strategic Communication, recently discussed with Financial Management how leaders can effectively manage change in today’s workplace. Financial Management is a magazine published by the Association of International Certified Professional Accountants.

Lisa joined a group of change management experts who shared tips for effective communication to smooth the path to transformation and reduce uncertainty. The first step to communicate effectively, Lisa said, is examining your company’s culture. How you communicate is key, including creating a communication strategy that fits your culture and focuses on how your employees like to receive information.

“When you are proactively and consistently communicating, listening and inviting feedback, you are minimizing resistance,” Lisa said. “Even if it’s hard in the short term, change is designed for long-term benefit to an organization’s stakeholders.”

Read the Financial Management article for other tips on how effective leaders communicate difficult change to ease the fear and apprehension the pandemic has caused in today’s workplace.

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