GEHA proudly offers health plans to 2.3MM federal employees. But sweeping changes in healthcare regulation, uncertainty in federal benefits and a changing federal employee base compelled a new brand strategy.

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The Board of Directors challenged the Executive Leadership Team to identify a competitive strategy and differentiated brand position to support meaningful growth for GEHA — now, next and into the future. Beehive facilitated the development and introduction of a new brand position to redefine what it means to be a health partner. The position of “Ignitor” was chosen to help GEHA inspire conversations and discover the meaning of true well-being for their members and those who matter most to them.

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  • Conducted insights research to inform strategic position
  • Developed and validated enterprise persona and brand position
  • Partnered with Executive Leadership Team to introduce and activate the new brand position and cultural expectations across the organization
  • Served as interim Chief Marketing Officer to develop and activate a go-to-market strategy, including new advertising creative, a new product launch and the company’s first-ever Open Enrollment public relations initiative

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