PreferredOne is a Minnesota-based health services company offering employers and individuals a comprehensive range of health benefits services, including insurance products throughout Minnesota and the upper Midwest.


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Make it easy to live your values.

The PreferredOne WayPreferredOne, one of Minnesota’s prominent health benefits providers, focuses on improving the quality and cost of healthcare for its members and employer customers. In order to deliver that mission every day, the company needed to streamline its Company Values, Shared Culture and Guiding Principles in a way its employees could understand and embrace.

Using PreferredOne’s strategic roadmap as the guide, Beehive helped the executive leadership team define and articulate The PreferredOne Way — a clear narration of shared beliefs and behaviors for employees to rally around. Beehive then developed an employee engagement strategy to introduce the PreferredOne Way and reinforce its connection to the company culture.

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  • Aligned executive and senior leadership on mission, values, member promise and guiding principles.

  • Leveraged existing employee and member research to validate The PreferredOne Way and supporting messaging.

  • Developed a visual identity for The PreferredOne Way to keep the values and member promise front and center for employees.

  • Maximized existing communication channels and touchpoints to introduce and reinforce Values as part of the culture

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