Beehive partnered with Ulteig to design a DEI marketing and communication framework that would evolve alongside the organization, establishing a consistent, authentic storytelling approach to help share their DEI journey with both internal and external audiences.

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Ulteig is a leader in the engineering industry that partners with organizations building, maintaining and revitalizing our nation’s infrastructure.

As its DEI efforts and programming matured, Ulteig leaders wanted to begin sharing their story with clients, potential talent and the broader industry in which they operate. However, it was crucial that any external DEI marketing and communication authentically reflected Ulteig’s DEI journey and current state.

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  • Outlined high-level content strategy showcasing how DEI storytelling priorities would evolve from 2022 – 2025
  • Defined content pillars aligned to Ulteig’s current and future DEI focus areas
  • Developed key messages to support consistent DEI content
  • Mapped out channel strategy to ensure DEI stories are designed and shared in an optimal, appropriate format

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  • A digestible, flexible resource that Ulteig team members can reference to support consistent DEI content planning and marketing efforts
  • A defined narrative for Ulteig’s DEI approach
  • A roadmap for authentic DEI storytelling in the coming years

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