Beehive Strategic Communication’s purpose is to use the power of communication to build better businesses for a better world. We deepened our commitment to being a purpose-driven company by earning our B Corp certification in 2018. That accomplishment has been met with both congratulations and curiosity. Why did we pursue B Corp certification?

Business as a force for good

We believe that businesses have a responsibility to behave responsibly, intentionally create a positive impact, essentially using their power as a force for good. Certified B Corporations are rigorously vetted to ensure they meet higher standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability. Putting our business through the certification process showed us where we were strong, and also where we could make immediate improvement. We put new policies in place including: supplier diversity, no weapons in the workplace, whistleblower, local hiring and environmental stewardship. It also guided other positive changes such as tracking and setting benchmarks for annual volunteer hours, increasing company contributions to health and health savings plans to meet or exceed B Corp benchmarks, and more.

Rising expectations

It’s a fact that employees’ expectations are rising. Businesses that want to remain relevant and vibrant must take action to meet their changing needs. Thriving employees are three times more likely to work for a company with a strong sense of purpose. However, only 13% of surveyed companies offer an employee value proposition differentiated by a purpose-driven mission. (Mercer Talent Trends Study, 2018). This represents a great opportunity for employers to differentiate themselves with potential employees.

Ripples of change

And rising expectations apply to general consumers, too. People are becoming more conscientious about what they buy, the services they use, the food they eat, where they work and how they invest. When we put the planet and people — employees, clients, business partners and the community — first, profits follow and everything rises. Over the past twelve years, brands with a higher sense of purpose experienced twice two times higher brand valuation (Kantar Consulting’s New Purpose 2020 report).

Continuing the journey

Receiving B Corp certification is only the beginning for Beehive. Our certification is valid through fall 2021, but we are already putting annual goals in place to improve our impact score. We know that small, consistent changes implemented over time is how meaningful progress is made.

You can get started on your B Corp journey by reviewing the B Impact assessment process for B Corp certification. The B Impact Assessment evaluates how your company’s operations and business model impact your workers, community, environment and customers. And if you need some inspiration, check out these B Corp case studies.



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