Ulteig has been a trusted engineering partner for more than 75 years. To support a growing team, rising expectations and its next strategic plan, the organization partnered with Beehive to evolve its purpose, vision and values. As an employee-owned company, Ulteig knew that getting their team on board was critical to delivering on their new direction and achieving their growth goals. 

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  • Develop a phased communication strategy backed by change management best practices​ to introduce and activate Ulteig’s new purpose, vision and values across the organization​
  • Develop a memorable, highly visual campaign​ including a core campaign graphic, video, and branded iconography to be leveraged across in-person and digital environments​
  • Empower leaders and select change sponsors to be advocates of the change​
  • Ensure new purpose and values are integrated into existing practices

Select works are shown in concept form for confidentiality.

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Successful launch of purpose, vision, values and strategic plan​

  • 96% of employee survey respondents agreed they understood how the new purpose, values and vision act as a roadmap to bring Ulteig into the future​
  • 86% of employees reported feeling inspired by the new purpose​

Comprehensive integration across communication channels and touchpoints including intranet, physical and digital signage, recognition program, PowerPoint templates, and website

"Beehive has been an outstanding partner to Ulteig as we introduced our new purpose, vision and values across the organization. I have been impressed by their ability to quickly learn the fundamental elements of our culture and apply that knowledge to maximize the impact of our launch. I appreciate the team’s deep expertise and the strong, impactful relationship we have developed through multiple projects and initiatives."
— Craig Davies, Director Corporate Communications, Ulteig

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