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Why Digital Strategy and PR?

Today more than ever, consumers are likely to be influenced by people and organizations they trust — including their real-world friends and credible influencers whose voices and opinions they know and value.

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How we do it

We combine digital-inherent thinking and PR strategies to help clients tell a differentiated story — online, offline and on demand — any time people are making decisions about their brands. The most effective communication happens when content, channel and design come together.

Public Relations
  • Influencer strategy
  • Media relations
  • Blogger relations
  • Media coaching
  • Media monitoring and analysis
  • Public Relations special events
  • Story and message development
  • Thought leadership
Digital Strategy
  • Content strategy
  • Social media strategy and design
  • Social listening
  • Digital marketing channel strategy
  • Video strategy and production
  • Website design

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What you get

  • Better business results
  • Innovation and creativity
  • Increased customer loyalty and trust

Download the integrated communication guide

Beehive was critical to our success in launching Verizon's first-ever Destination Store at the Mall of America. It was our largest store in the country at the time. Beehive parlayed its unmatchable relationships with the media, the community and in the social arena into amazing results for our business. In fact, we beat our store traffic projections by more than 25 percent!
—Carolyn Schamberger, former Midwest Area Executive Director, Public Relations, Verizon

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