Whether it’s talking with your own team, other leaders or a reporter, do you want to build your skills to communicate more effectively?

As you grow and become more successful in your leadership role, developing your communication skills will help you speak more confidently, persuade others and share your story as clearly and effectively as possible.

We offer the following coaching opportunities to help you build your communication skills:

Media Training

During this session, we’ll walk you through what to do to improve your media interviewing skills when a reporter calls. We’ll offer tips on how to effectively communicate your story and make the most of your conversation to earn high-value media coverage for your organization. The session includes the opportunity to practice real-life media interviewing scenarios, followed by coaching and feedback sessions. We’ll help you ask the right questions while setting up the interview, evaluate each request and practice your responses to meet deadlines and successfully share your story. 

Presentation Skills Training

Do you have an upcoming presentation and don’t know where to begin? Are you interested in improving your public speaking skills? During this session, we’ll walk you through the preparation process to help you achieve your goals. You’ll learn practical tips on how to prepare relevant content and sharpen your skills in connecting with the audience. You’ll practice giving your presentation and receive feedback to help you refine your skills to maximize your time in front of the audience. 

Change Management Communication Training

Change — whether on a large or small scale — is an emotional experience that causes stress and disruption. Effective change management communication requires commitment, clarity and consistency, which will help build trust and ensure the success of the change being introduced. This session will introduce the various stages for preparing and implementing a successful change management plan. You’ll learn the importance of assigning various roles and responsibilities, how to develop key messages to support the change, and why identifying change champions and sponsors and gathering feedback will contribute to your success. 

Leadership Communications Training for Impact

Effective communication is critical for leaders when working with your team, c-suite leaders or other executives or any other key stakeholder group. This session will walk you through how to develop effective communication skills and deliver messages that connect with and inspire your audience and drive impactful results. 

Each of these training sessions will help you build stronger communication skills. They can be tailored to large and small groups or as a personalized 1:1 coaching session.

Let’s start a conversation about training and building your communication skills.

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