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Why Purpose, Mission and Values Alignment?

Organizations that clearly define and activate their purpose or mission and values are better equipped to navigate change, mitigate disruption and drive measurable business results.

Purpose, mission and values are strategic business elements that act as a roadmap, helping organizations stay on track and achieve their goals.

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How We Do It

We help organizations discover, clarify and live their purpose, mission and values in support of their business goals.

We work closely with leadership teams to ensure strategies align. Then we use the power of communication to inspire employees, partners, customers and communities to take actions that get results. Supporting visual elements establish emotional connection, promote understanding and reinforce values.

  • Assessment
  • Benchmarking
  • Development
  • Rollout
  • Activation
  • Workshops and meeting facilitation
  • Third-party certification strategy (B Corporation, Benefit Corporation, Social Enterprise)
  • Annual report support (B Corporation, Benefit Corporation, Social Enterprise)
  • Brand story narrative, identity and message development
  • Brand imagery, icons and presentation design 
  • Corporate social responsibility alignment and reporting
  • Multichannel strategy & planning
  • Content strategy
  • Social listening & analysis
  • SEO optimization

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What You Get

  • Stronger talent recruitment and retention
  • An engaged and motivated workforce
  • Fully activated leadership
  • Better business results

"GEHA partnered with Beehive to help articulate a bold, new strategic direction and refresh our mission, vision and values. The Beehive team listened well and learned fast. Then they helped shape an exciting future-state view that supported our company leadership to quickly reach consensus on the “why, what and how” that will guide our 82-year strong company — now, next and into the future."
—Darren Taylor, Former President and Chief Executive Officer, GEHA

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