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Why Crisis Management and Business Continuity?

It’s not a matter of if — but when — an organization will face a crisis. Its response will have a long-lasting impact on its reputation and ability to earn and keep trust.

Organizations that plan ahead for a potential crisis are in the best position to quickly manage and resolve issues.

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How we do it

We help ready organizations for potential issues and ground response plans in their purpose, mission and values. And when a crisis strikes, we use the power of communication to quickly respond, recover and restore, moving the business forward with clarity.

  • Crisis communications plan development
  • Content development
  • Crisis spokesperson coaching
  • Incident response support
  • Risk mitigation planning
  • Business continuity planning
  • Business continuity communication
  • Interim communication leadership and staffing
  • Digital ecosystem analysis
  • Content strategy
  • Social listening & analysis
  • Community management
  • SEO optimization
  • Multichannel strategy & planning
  • Data visualization and graphic design
  • Flow chart, org chart and presentation design

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What you get

  • Strengthened brand reputation
  • Successful business continuity
  • Increased loyalty and trust

Go To Crisis Resource Center

Business Continuity and Communication Resource Center

  • Business Continuity Plan Resources
  • Sustained Crisis Communication Plans
  • Interim Communication Leadership and Staffing
  • Work-from-home Strategies
  • Change Management Communication
  • Purpose, Mission and Values Alignment

"Beehive has the insight and expertise to add value to any business. When the stakes are high, they move with urgency to provide spot-on counsel and critical perspective. Beehive is a knowledgeable, responsive and trusted strategic partner."
—Cara Peterson, Vice President & General Counsel, Adolfson & Peterson

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