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Why Change Management Communication?

Shifts in business strategy can create disruption and hinder engagement. This is often costly for the organization and frustrating for both leaders and employees experiencing change fatigue.

Managing change through communication helps maximize the benefits of key initiatives such as:

  • Business strategy shifts
  • Corporate moves and master facilities projects
  • Purpose or mission evolution
  • HR transformation
  • IT/Technology transitions
  • Leadership changes
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Reorganization and restructuring

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How We Do It

For meaningful change to succeed, everyone in the organization — from the C-suite to the front lines — must first understand the need for change.

We use proven change management strategies supported by written, verbal and visual communication to help our clients articulate the need for change and inspire actions that drive growth.

  • Change readiness assessment
  • Change sponsor identification and alignment
  • Communication audits
  • Influencer identification and mapping
  • Change management communication planning
  • Change campaign branding and graphic design
  • Change management benchmark and pulse surveys
  • Change management measurement and reporting
  • Employee feedback and monitoring
  • Flow chart, org chart and infographic design 
  • Reward and recognition planning
  • Board management and communication
  • Presentation coaching
  • Presentation design and coaching 
  • Organizational design
  • Strategic plan development and roll-out
  • Multichannel strategy & planning
  • Content strategy
  • Social listening & analysis

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What You Get

  • Improved employee engagement
  • Stronger innovation and creativity
  • Increased loyalty and trust from employees and other stakeholders
  • Better business results

Beehive has been a valued Deluxe partner for 11 years, successfully guiding employee communication, engagement and strategic understanding during a time of significant organizational change. They have a genuine enthusiasm for our business, consistently deliver results, and have gained trust and confidence at all levels of our business.
—Judy Gallagher, VP, Organization Effectiveness, Deluxe Corp.

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