We are reflecting this month on how we have brought our purpose to life in partnership with our clients and our communities over the past year. From opening a workplace of the future to celebrating our clients and partners and introducing a new impact-focused service offering, it has been an exciting year at the Hive.


Below are five must-reads from this year at Beehive:

Beehive News [Beehive]

New Hive Highlights

Take a peek at our blog series on the new Hive and meet the design, technology, furniture and construction partners we worked with to bring it to life.

Beehive social impact icon consisits of the people icons on top of a globe

Social Impact [Lisa Hannum]

Protecting Human Rights is Good Business

Understand how to meet the rising expectations of employees, partners, customers and communities to strengthen trust.

International Women's Day headshots on a purple background.

Social Impact [Beehive]

International Women's Day Blog Series

A month-long celebration and recognition of women leaders who inspire our team.

Compass with smooth blur green background, journey planning concept.

Beehive News [Beehive]

Impact Strategy & Communication

Expectations are rising. People want to work for and with organizations that believe what they believe, and act accordingly. Defining and sharing your corporate social responsibility communication strategy to make a positive impact in the world is critical.

Behind the B

Social Impact [Beehive]

Celebrate B Corp Month with Minnesota’s Purpose-Driven Companies

How purpose-driven organizations in Minnesota fulfill their commitment to doing better.

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