It has been our pleasure to share the wisdom and advice of some of the women leaders with whom we get to partner throughout the month of March in celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month.

International Women’s Day Spotlight

Below are links to each spotlight we shared in March. These women inspire our team, and we hope their stories have inspired you, too. 

Photo of Jessi Kingston

Blog [Beehive]

Jessi Kingston

MBA and System Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at North Memorial Health

Photo of Lindsey Nobles

Blog [Beehive]

Lindsey Nobles

Vice president of marketing at Onsite Workshops

Photo of Ava Drayton

Blog [Beehive]

Ava Drayton

Senior Vice President, Client Solutions at Ulteig

Photo of Jennifer Johnson

Blog [Beehive]

Jennifer Johnson

Chief Marketing and Communications Officer at Prime Therapeutics

Photo of Wendi Breuer

Blog [Beehive]

Wendi Breuer

Founder and CEO at SeaChange Print Innovations

Photo of LeAnn Case.

Blog [Beehive]

LeAnn Case

Senior Vice President, Marketing & Communications, The Servion Group

Photo of Janeen Vogelaar

Blog [Beehive]

Janeen Vogelaar

Chief Marketing Officer at Salo

We’d like to share our gratitude to our clients for participating and contributing to this blog series. Thank you for sharing your stories, giving advice and serving as an inspiration to women across a variety of industries.

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