Today’s Meet the Beehive Team blog features team member Abigail Greenheck, who joined the Hive nearly eight years ago. Abigail is a Group Senior Vice President and our go-to person for pop culture knowledge and retail deals. She delivers great strategy under pressure and always has a creative solution to a tricky problem.

One of the things Abigail talks about in her Q&A that is core to the Beehive culture is appreciation. We know that expressing and receiving appreciation and gratitude build resilience, reduce stress, and improve overall health and well-being. (If you’re interested in learning more about appreciation in the workplace and how it’s part of a strong, human-centric cultures, read this Beehive case study.)

We hope you enjoy getting to know Abigail.

What makes your job fulfilling?

I’ve always loved working in agency environments because of the variety of the work we do on a daily basis. I enjoy working across multiple industries — from healthcare to commercial construction — because it keeps my perspective fresh and the work exciting. And, as a bonus, you just never know when there might an opportunity for knowledge crossover. COVID-19 is an excellent example of that. Our awareness of what was happening in healthcare often informed our recommendations for our clients in other industries, creating better results across the board.

What is your current work/schedule arrangement? What does this flexibility mean for you and your life?

I work full-time, Monday through Friday, typically starting my day at 8 a.m. and wrapping at 4:30 p.m. most afternoons, making it possible for me to be waiting at my daughter’s bus stop. The routine the two of us have built together makes the afternoons and evenings flow smoothly for our family. And, as a mom of two little ones, consistency is key.

Beehive has always operated with flexibility in mind — the pandemic simply put it into practice in new ways, including long-term work-from-anywhere solutions. Now, I’m so grateful to have options for where it makes most sense to work each day. I typically head to the Hive a couple of days a week to work alongside my colleagues (and their dogs, depending on the day), while spending the other days working from my home office. I had no idea how much I missed my colleagues until we opened our new office and I had the chance to see them in person once again.

In what ways do you feel you can be your whole self/authentic at work?

Since my first day on the job in 2015, Beehive’s welcoming and trusting culture allowed me show up each day as my whole and authentic self. My colleagues value me as a team member, and equally value me as a daughter, a mother, a partner and a sister. This was never truer than through my two pregnancies and the unexpected loss of my mother. I will always remember the way everyone on the Beehive team has stepped in to support me through some of life’s greatest, and most challenging, times.

What does it feel like to work in an environment that emphasizes appreciation?

An unexpected benefit of working in an environment that emphasizes appreciation is how it cascades so seamlessly into every aspect of my life. The cashier at Target asks, “Paper or plastic?” and I respond, “Paper, thank you so much for asking! I appreciate it very much.”

My kids feel it too; my daughter is regularly spotted going out of her way to thank the delivery drivers who drop off packages or groceries. She draws thank you notes to family and friends. And, in turn, she looks for gratitude from me when she clears the dinner dishes or completes a chore — she definitely keeps me accountable for my own gratitude practices!

What was your first job and what did you learn from it?

My first job was working for my father at his veterinary clinic — unknowingly, my first opportunity to serve as a brand ambassador and reputation manager. On paper, I was the kennel help — cleaning up messes, washing towels, feeding the animals. But it was also my father’s business and thus, I found myself constantly looking for ways to ensure the clinic was making a good impression. That meant straightening the waiting room, cleaning the slobber from the windows, making sure the restrooms were in tip-top shape. I proactively looked for ways to exceed expectations, and as such, was shown appreciation by everyone who worked there and those who trusted the clinic with the care of their pets.

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