Today’s Meet the Team blog features Account Supervisor, Jacquie Robinson, who joined our team as an intern in 2019. We quickly hired her as an Account Coordinator soon after.

Jacquie embodies Beehive’s culture and is a strong champion for well-being. She talks in her Q&A about the importance of physical, mental and emotional health and the impact Beehive’s wellness program and health benefits have had in her life. Her warmth, authenticity and commitment to her clients and co-workers are a true delight. We hope you enjoy getting to know Jacquie.


What do you like most about working at Beehive?   

There is so much I love about working at Beehive. The first thing I always think about or share with people about Beehive is our amazing culture. Beehive’s values truly define our culture, who we are as a business and how we operate in the world. I appreciate Beehive’s inclusive and supportive work environment, led by the leadership team and lived by the entire team. Knowing that my opinions and contributions are valued and that I can truly be my whole self has helped me thrive both personally and professionally. In a world where not everyone feels valued, appreciated, heard and encouraged in their workplace, I can proudly say that I do at Beehive. 


Beehive opened a new office in fall 2022, but we remain a WFA company. What are your thoughts on that? 

The new Hive is a place I look forward to going to every week. I generally go into the office 1-2 times a week. I appreciate the thoughtful design that went into the space and Beehive’s commitment to incorporating the team’s feedback to truly make it our own. At the same time, I love the flexibility to work from anywhere. I’m a young professional without children or animals, so I have the flexibility to travel around the country regularly while still working my normal work hours. Beehive’s WFA policy has allowed me to travel to see my family more frequently, explore new places after work and on the weekends and escape the harsh Minnesota winters. I am forever grateful that Beehive is a WFA company. 


Stress, burnout and exhaustion are impacting employees everywhere. How are you handling this?  

Beehive has an incredible wellness program that provides physical, emotional and mental resources, tools and support. We activate it through annual initiatives related to healthy habits like sleep, meditation and fitness. Each employee also gets an annual wellness budget to use for anything that will support their health. This program has helped me manage stress, burnout and exhaustion by encouraging healthy daily habits and connecting me to support from team members (my “accountability buddies”). I’ve also put some of my wellness dollars toward therapy to support my mental health.    


What benefits are most meaningful to you at Beehive? Why?  

During the pandemic I was diagnosed with a life-changing health condition. At the same time, I turned 27 and was navigating the process to secure my own health insurance. Despite my fears during this period, the unwavering support provided by Beehive, along with its comprehensive benefits—particularly the health insurance and the annual wellness budget—was instrumental in giving me peace of mind and exactly what I needed. Beehive’s health insurance allowed me to seek treatment at Mayo Clinic, where I had access to some of the country’s top medical professionals. I also utilized some of my annual wellness budget to invest in cozy transition clothes to and from the hospital.  


What advice would you give your younger self? 

If I were able to give my younger self advice, I would tell her to be happy and enjoy where she is currently at instead of always thinking about “what’s next.” Society often bombards us with expectations about the future, but it’s crucial to embrace and appreciate the present moment. I’ve always liked the quote, “remember that you once dreamed of being where you are now.” I would want my younger self to take pride in the present and to allow the future to unfold in its own time.

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