Today’s Meet the Beehive Team blog features Account Strategist Maddy Weis, who celebrates her two-year anniversary at Beehive in January. We love how Maddy welcomes new opportunities with genuine excitement and energy – both professionally and in her personal life.  

Maddy talks in her Q&A about Beehive’s work from anywhere policy and why she still chooses to make the commute from Wisconsin at least once each week.  

Learn more about Maddy and what it’s been like for her to work at Beehive. 


What do you look forward to at work each day?   

I look forward to a lot working at Beehive, but two things in particular stand out. First, I look forward to our Monday and Thursday morning team “huddles” where we all sip our coffee, talk about our goals for the week and connect. During these calls, we help to hold each other accountable and share our challenges and successes as a full team. I enjoy the connection point with each other, and I also love hearing what everyone is working on.  

Second, I look forward to the fact that every day I have something new and exciting to work on. Truly no two days are the same! Whether it’s collaborating with a client on a new challenge or crisis or working on strategic messaging for a new brand launch, it’s always exciting to see what the next week (and day!) will bring.  


What’s something you were able to do with your Beehive wellness dollars? How was that meaningful to you?   

Beehive’s wellness dollars are a huge benefit to me as an employee and such a fun incentive and great way to prioritize health and well-being at work. I love challenging myself to find new and creative ways to use them. In my time at Beehive, I’ve used wellness dollars on everything from my daily vitamins to a massage to an under-desk treadmill! I love talking with our team, too, and getting inspired by what others are using their dollars for.  


What are three things that make you happy?  

  1. I love baking and cooking new recipes in the kitchen. Experimenting with new flavors and recipes is so fun. Time in my kitchen is therapeutic for me!  
  1. Long hikes and time outside with our dogs, Larry and Kinni, make me so incredibly happy! I love feeling the fresh air and exploring new places, and it’s always so fun to see the dogs run together and chase new smells.  
  1. Traveling brings me immense joy, whether it’s exploring the area of Wisconsin where my family calls home or traveling to a new country, travel makes me feel like a truer version of myself.  


How has Beehive made it “worth the commute” to come into the office?  

Beehive is a work-from-anywhere company and while I consider my home office my primary office, coming into The Hive about once a week is always worth it for me. As Beehive’s certified “Wisconsinite,” my one-way commute is usually around 40 minutes. Making that drive for in-person connections with coworkers, chatting over lunch and welcoming clients into the office is always worthwhile and enjoyable. I love seeing everyone’s’ smiling faces in person and forming deeper connections. One of my favorite things is when we do “Healthy Lunch Club” on Tuesdays, where someone on our team brings in lunch for everyone and we enjoy a meal together as a team.  


What makes you feel appreciated at Beehive?   

Beehive is very intentional about appreciation in the workplace, and there are so many ways I feel appreciated each day. I feel appreciated when I receive personal notes of appreciation, when team members go out of their way to share their appreciation via Slack or on a team call (which happens often!) or when our full team talks about successes and something I led receives a shoutout.  

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