Employees want to work for organizations that provide a more significant purpose and alignment to its values. Successful organizations are thoughtful about defining their purpose or mission, activating values to give back and empowering employees to give back as well.

Give to the Max Day — Minnesota’s largest giving campaign — is quickly approaching on Thursday, Nov. 17. Beehive has long supported GiveMN by donating annually to Give to the Max Day. Our small-but-mighty team has collectively donated thousands of dollars to more than 30 organizations over 10 years. And Beehive activates its values by matching our employees’ Give to the Max Day donations to support GiveMN, the participating organizations and the communities it benefits.

Give to the Max Day is a one-stop-shop event for people and organizations alike to activate their values — and nonprofits, schools and the people they support are experiencing a never-before-seen level of need.

Amplify Your Impact as an Employee and Employer

Charitable giving last year increased by 4% nationally but it’s not keeping up with historically high inflation rates. Individuals are struggling and the nonprofits and schools they rely on need even more resources to provide support. Thousands of organizations participate in Give to the Max. Nearly half reported an increased demand at the end of 2021 and 39% said they rely on the day as their primary fundraising campaign.

Giving back to communities through campaigns like Give to the Max Day is both the right thing to do and an effectiveway to activate organizational values. In times of economic volatility, Give to the Max Day allows employees and employers to maximize their gifts by matching donations and taking advantage of other incentives such as “Golden Ticket” prizes and doubled or tripled gifts.

Beehive proudly activates our values and social impact commitment through financial and in-kind donations, pro bono services to community and professional associations, organizations and non-profits, employee paid time off for volunteering and matching employee’s Give to the Max Day donations up to $250 per employee annually. Matching employee donations is a great way to support employees and maximize donation dollars to causes they care about.

Give Back this Give to the Max Day

Give to the Max Day has become Minnesota’s annual giving holiday since its inception in 2009, raising more than $250 million in its 13 years. Last year, donors gave a record-breaking $34.3 million to a total of 6,457 organizations and schools.

The campaign allows individuals to make a real difference in their local communities and donate to organizations that align with what’s important to them like education, the environment, support for BIPOC communities, pandemic relief and more.

You can learn about and make a gift to a new cause during Give to the Max using the search features on GiveMN.org. There’s no shortage of good work and important causes to support during Early Giving and on Give to the Max. With more than 6,000 organizations receiving gifts last year, anyone can find the right organization for them.

Donors from all over the country — and world — can support Give to the Max Day each year. So, please consider donating to an organization that aligns with your values from wherever you call home. Share the campaign with your employees and communities, and even offer matching funds. Your involvement in Give to the Max Day can have a big impact.


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