This installment of our “New Hive Highlight” series features Wood From the Hood, a local wood craftsman shop introduced to Beehive by Studio BV. We tapped Wood From the Hood to create a custom island for the café in our new space.

Wood From the Hood, owned by Cindy and Rick Siewert, reclaims discarded trees from local Twin Cities neighborhoods. They use the trees to create beautiful, high-quality wood products, live edge wood slabs and other forms of lumber to be used in a multitude of environments.

“Most trees in the metro region are sent to landfills, shredded into landscape mulch or burned. Wood from the Hood is changing that. By reclaiming wood from Twin Cities neighborhoods, these trees can live on in the form of sustainable, handcrafted wood products,” said Jon Buck, custom design manager.

Wood From the Hood sources wood from construction projects and diseased or old trees. All their trees come from tree services or municipalities around the Twin Cities metro area. In fact, processing and craftsmanship are done right at their shop in South Minneapolis.

Beehive was inspired by Wood From the Hood’s dedication to keeping logs out of landfills by converting them into high-quality products that can live on for years to come. By turning these logs into lumber, Wood From the Hood creates a local material source not only for its own use but for other woodworkers and craftspeople in the Twin Cities area. And because they process these logs in Minneapolis, Wood From the Hood also reduces the transportation of raw materials, which cuts down on fossil fuel consumption while maintaining top-tier product quality.

Check out the photos below for an in-progress look at the custom wood island for our new space. To learn more about Wood From the Hood, visit their website or follow them on social media.



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