In this feature of our New Hive Highlights, we connected with local, Minnesota-based IT firm Technology by Design (TBD) and MTG, our technology and AV partners for our new office space.

Technology is a crucial consideration when creating a workplace of the future. Beehive wanted to ensure a seamless (and secure) technology experience for clients and employees working at the Hive and remotely. With the expertise and guidance from TBD and MTG, the new Hive has the technology and systems that support the shift to a hybrid work environment, enabling team members to work securely and dynamically from anywhere.

We connected with a few of our partners, including Scott Larson, managing partner at TBD, and Jake Eichhorn, account manager at MTG, to discuss our partnerships and the way technology has changed to support hybrid work environments.

How has your company changed its approach as the workplace has changed in the last three years?

TBD: Over the last few years, COVID-19 has accelerated a shift that had been happening slowly over the past 10 years. This shift included businesses moving from the traditional office structure with all team members and data on-site and safely behind a firewall to the organization distributing people and data into the cloud and out of the office to wherever the end user can work. This move has shifted team members, data, and critical operations to the cloud, removing the firewall (which provides network security), and the server (which provides rapid access to critical files, behind the firewall).

The workplace today is less about a physical address. While there will always be a desire for in-person engagement, there’s no longer a requirement for it. The workplace is increasingly the place you can work… and not the place you go to work. Modern technology has had to adapt, which is exactly what we’re doing at TBD.

MTG: The pandemic changed how people work and where they work. The use of video platforms such as Microsoft Teams and Zoom quickly became the new normal for maintaining collaborative work environments in a suddenly virtual world.

AV technology manufacturers and integrators have had to adapt to provide user-friendly tools and modified office configurations that promote collaboration and productivity when companies navigate remote versus on-site presence. The increased demand for technology that supports hybrid meetings has been a dominant trend.

How can companies use technology to ensure a seamless experience for both remote and on-site employees?

TBD: This rapid shift has demonstrated some of our clients’ dependence on having a “tech-savvy” person in the office. When someone goes from working in an office surrounded by their colleagues to working all alone out of their home office or a guest bedroom, a client is more exposed. That “tech savvy” person is no longer an office away and someone needs to be there to help fill that gap.

While TBD has always been the backstop for the “office techie,” over the last two years, we’ve ratcheted up identity management, cybersecurity, remote monitoring and remote support, along with changing backup and disaster recovery strategies.

MTG: The technology has changed dramatically over the past year or two. Improvements have been made to capabilities, affordability and ease of use. Companies should assess how their AV technology performs and if it is compatible with their chosen video platform. If there is room for improvement, talk to an experienced AV integrator about options. Other factors can enhance the virtual meeting experience, but the AV technology’s quality, reliability and ease of use will have the most significant impact.

Is there anything unique or interesting to share about the Beehive project?

MTG: Absolutely. Beehive helps its clients solve complex business challenges and inspire action and growth using the power of communication.

Knowing Beehive will be coaching their clients on corporate communication, we understand they will set an example and that their AV technology will be vital to their client interactions and brand. We see this project as a golden opportunity to help Beehive shine and show their clients the importance of solid AV technology as a component of their communication plans.

What makes your company unique? What do you do best?

TBD: While we think technology is great, and we’ve got dozens of certifications plus hundreds of years of experience, it’s more about what technology can do for our clients than anything. Even our name, Technology by Design, is intended to demonstrate our commitment to designing technology around the needs of our clients. Client first. That’s it.

MTG: We help people. Our trade is the expert design and installation of workplace technologies, but our purpose is to show an uncommon level of care for our clients, our co-workers, and the community.

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