We’re thrilled to bring our workplace of the future to life through collaboration with Atmosphere Commercial Interiors (ACI) to furnish the space through a mix of new and existing furniture. ACI has been in business for more than 60 years, teaming up with clients across the country and globe to transform and empower people and spaces. Headquartered in Minneapolis, ACI prioritizes a steady focus on purpose, a belief in the “power of place” and a strong commitment to its core values.

For this New Hive Highlight, we connected with Natasha Fonville, Brand and Creative Director at Atmosphere Commercial Interiors to discuss office space design trends and their team’s approach to creating a positive work environment.

What are the biggest office space design trends Atmosphere Commercial Interiors has seen in the last few years?

The largest trends have stemmed from the introduction of warm, hospitable energy into the workplace. Until recently, workplaces were generally plain, including large workstations with higher paneled walls and dedicated collaboration spaces away from immediate work areas. Now we are seeing smaller workstations with smaller storage and lower panels or open benching. Organizations are infusing these spaces with inspiration and warmth through the thoughtful layering of materials, lounge pieces, accessories and biophilia. The office is now often designed as an extension of the home and designs aim to support different types of work in a much more collaborative, comfortable and approachable setting.

How have these trends shifted ACI’s recommendations for office spaces?

We love what we are seeing from our partners and the continuous innovation in their workplaces! We work closely with our partners to create places where people truly love working and that reflect unique brands and stories. No two projects are ever the same.

What are companies incorporating into their office spaces to accommodate hybrid work?

Technology and space are so important to accommodate a hybrid model. Ensuring that there is equity between people both off-site and on-site is essential and often achieved through the correct technology and space support. This includes software platforms, camera type and placement, privacy/acoustics and lighting, all of which help to fuel an equitable hybrid experience that helps teams feel connected, no matter the distance.

What was your overall objective when working with Beehive on our new office space?

The Beehive team members are all wonderful and have an amazing sense of purpose in their work. It is important to us that they have a great experience throughout the project and will soon find joy in being back together in their new space! It was also important to us to uphold the beautiful design vision of Studio BV through a mix of new and existing furniture.

What was your favorite part of the Beehive office space project?

The bones of the Hive are absolutely stunning! The natural woodwork and lighting throughout add an amazing, warm foundation to the space that is often hard to find in commercial office spaces. Keeping the integrity of the space was important throughout the project for all partners involved.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about a few of our partners at the new Hive. With the drive and collaboration of these partners, we were able to bring our workplace of the future to life in a way that has exceeded all expectations. We are incredibly grateful.

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