Beehive’s new office is scheduled to open in early August 2022. We’re designing the Hive to be a space where our team can gather, work, collaborate and celebrate with our clients, partners, friends and community.   

Greiner Construction was an integral partner in bringing this design to life. Guided by their core principle of keeping human connection at the heart of all that they do, Greiner brings a unique personal touch to an otherwise technical process. We experienced this at every stage of our project together.  

Greiner also has deep experience working in Vandalia Tower, where our new office is located. In fact, they led construction on the historical repurposing of Vandalia Tower. The project wrapped up in 2021, one hundred years after the building was first established and Vandalia Tower was added to the National Register of Historic Places last year. (History buffs can read more about the project and the building in this Architecture Magazine article.) 

We recently chatted with our Greiner project manager, Carl Krieger, about Beehive’s project.

What’s been the biggest challenge with building the Hive?

Beehive is moving into the second floor of Building C in Vandalia Tower, a beautiful wood-framed building originally built in the 1920s. While the space has fantastic natural light and stunning historical structures it presents several challenges because of its age. Working with unlevel floors and supports, as well as low ceiling clearances, required a lot of problem-solving, but these are the challenges that the Greiner team excels in. It was important to us that the space wasn’t just gorgeous but that everything functioned well together — from ductwork to sprinkler lines to millwork — to ensure it would endure for at least another one hundred years.

What do you love about your work?

At Greiner, we take immense pride in the outcome of our projects. The process becomes personal as we anticipate the final product alongside our clients. Having the ability and skills to rehabilitate these historic spaces is a responsibility we take seriously, and it makes coming to work every day exciting and rewarding. 

What’s it been like working with our team?

Beehive has personally been one of my favorite clients to work with on a project. Your energy and positivity have been awesome throughout the project, as well as your understanding of the current market dynamics with supply chain and lead time issues. 

Tell us about a project highlight.

One of my favorite project highlights isn’t from the actual job site. It came from meeting (Beehive CFO) Becky McNamara’s Scottish highland cows. My wife, daughter and I had a fun weekend trip out to her farm to meet her cows. We’re very thankful Becky invited us out! 

Check out the photos below for an in-progress look at our new space. To learn more about Greiner construction, visit their website or follow along on social media 

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