Today, Beehive kicks off a new blog series featuring our amazing employees. We hope you will get to know our team, culture and work better through this series. Amy Hahn joined Beehive as an account director in January 2022. In her Q&A, Amy mentions Beehive’s values as a key driver of her decision to join our team, and you’ll learn how the values of equity and a growth mindset have been important to her experience so far.  

Purpose and values are core to how Beehive operates, and they’re a core service we offer our clients. We know that organizations that clearly define their purpose or mission, and activate values to support them, are positioned to thrive in our rapidly changing world. (Take a peek at our Purpose, Mission and Values Alignment Guide if you want to dig deeper into the issue.)   

Here’s what Amy had to say about her experience working at Beehive so far: 

What made you want to work at Beehive? 

When I interviewed at Beehive, they asked what interested me most about the company. I said the work and the values. Several months into working here, that answer hasn’t changed. 

The work brings variety, challenges to solve and an opportunity to work with a wide range of businesses and people. As someone who enjoys learning and exploring different communication practices, I’m energized to know that in any given day I might be scoping a new project timeline, developing a media pitch, writing web copy, or reviewing macro and industry trends for a new-to-me business.  

Beehive’s values are unique in that they are consistent both internally and externally. They guide how our team interacts with each other, but they also provide a framework for the projects we take on and how we approach work with our clients. Even in a hybrid work environment, Beehive is focused on building and sustaining personal connections, which as a newer employee has helped me quickly get up to speed and feel embedded into the team. In a fast-moving environment, it can be easy to set this intention aside, and I really appreciate that we take the time to ensure our values and our work are in sync.  

What makes you feel respected and appreciated at Beehive?   

I see trust and respect as intertwined concepts in the workplace. There is a great amount of trust in our team, whether it’s allowing people to manage their own schedules, take on stretch assignments or bring new and innovative ideas to the table.  

Another expression of respect that I’ve observed at Beehive is a desire to accommodate and understand different ways of working, learning and living. Rather than expecting everyone to work in the same way, there’s a desire to understand the varied strengths and perspectives each person can contribute.   

This extends to appreciation as well. In my onboarding process, I was asked about what expressions of appreciation were meaningful to me, which struck me as a very thoughtful gesture. Beyond those more formal conversations, we have rituals to recognize the day-to-day work that everyone on the team contributes, which is a great way to acknowledge the work that can often get lost in the shuffle. 

Beehive rolled out salary transparency/wage equity this year. What did that mean to you?  

I was so excited when Beehive reviewed its salary transparency policy with the team! There are already so many factors, whether related to education, race, gender, etc. that can make it difficult for people to receive fair wages. And the secrecy that often shrouds salaries can lead to resentment or hurt among teams. I believe that having vetted, established guidelines around pay and clearly communicating about them is a key step to fostering an equitable work environment.

I was lucky to get a sneak peek of Beehive’s salary transparency in my interview process, and it stuck with me! I remember talking with family and friends about how surprised I was by the open nature of my conversations about pay throughout the interview process. Beehive walked me through the salary ranges for my position and how they compared to industry benchmarks. It helped the process feel informed and grounded, as opposed to the game of salary chicken that can often play out in those situations. 

One of Beehive’s values is a growth mindset. How have you seen that value in action in your work?  

With both our clients and in professional development conversations, you’ll usually hear some variation of the question, ‘what else can we do?’. This question can turn what previously looked like a dead end into a doorway to a new idea. I think a growth mindset naturally requires curiosity and a willingness to be creative. But to be effective, it needs to be balanced with specificity. This might start with a brainstorm session to think about a problem or opportunity that we can help a client address, and then requires taking the time to ensure that any opportunities or projects would be a value-add for the organization.

This attitude extends to Beehive’s professional development processes, where we’re encouraged to look at growth opportunities throughout the year and assign specific, time-bound goals to them. Regular check-ins and numeric goals have helped keep me accountable, rather than simply brushing off development opportunities as ‘nice to do, but not critical.’  

Tell us about an animal or pet that made a lasting impression on you.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my two-year-old Labrador, Fern, who is a frequent subject of conversation with friends, family and coworkers. My husband and I brought Fern into our household in 2020, solidly establishing her as a pandemic puppy. Her presence in our house has brought with it lots of humor, tested our patience and been an inspiration to take it easy and get outside. Fern frequently snoozes under my desk or in the room across the hall from where I work and is a great stress reliever. Honestly, how stressed can you be when a dog is snoring soundly inches away? Spending time with her is a reminder that it’s often the smallest moments and things that fill our cups. 

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