Beehive team poses for the International Women's Day 2019 campaign theme: #BalanceforBetter

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day with people and organizations around the globe. Beehive is committed to advancing gender equality in business, today and every day. We are a business founded, owned and led by women. It’s more than a value we live. It’s a core belief. It’s who we are and how our business operates in the world. #BalanceforBetter

According to the International Women’s Day Annual Study, there is still a long way to go to achieve gender balance – but attitudes are changing. Two-thirds of survey respondents (65%) believe women won’t achieve equality in their countries unless men take action in support of women’s rights. This data points to the importance of encouraging everyone, everywhere, to participate in advancing gender equality. The Beehive team came together to create a video to show its commitment to #BalanceforBetter. We amplify the International Women’s Day selfie card commitments and advance some of our own ideas.



If you’ve been following Beehive on LinkedIn or Instagram, you’ve seen our team striking a peculiar pose. The “hands out” balance pose symbolizes our commitment to living and supporting #BalanceforBetter. We are striving for balance inside our business, in our communities and client organizations and across our industry.

  • In 2018, Beehive made national election day a paid holiday and closed our offices to ensure everyone could make time to vote and participate in the election process. Because when we all vote, we are contributing to #BalanceforBetter.
  • Beehive hosts Fearless Workshops for our team and our clients. Facilitated by our partner The BrandLab, Fearless Workshops are designed to help people engage in open and honest dialogue about identity. These workshops raise consciousness, self-awareness and give us actionable steps we can take to #BalanceforBetter.
  • Beehive leads PR Council’s SHEQUALITY initiative in Minnesota. We currently have top women leaders from six communications firms working together to advance gender equality in leadership.

Equality is a core value and at the heart of Beehive’s purpose: to use the power of communication to build better businesses for a better world. Organizations that prioritize and advance gender equality, diversity and inclusion do better by every measure. And when businesses do better, we all do better. Jobs are created, economies grow. Everything rises.


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