March is Women’s History Month in the U.S. and March 8 is International Women’s Day. Beehive is celebrating with a month-long recognition of women leaders who inspire our team in the hopes of inspiring others.

Today, we are pleased to feature Lindsey Nobles, vice president of marketing at Onsite Workshops. Lindsey has extensive communication experience in a wide variety of industries including non-profit organizations and emotional wellness. She is a passionate and dedicated leader with expertise in communication strategy, relationship building, event planning and content strategy.

What advice has been most valuable for you in your career?

When I worked for author and leadership expert Michael Hyatt he shared with me some sage advice, “You don’t know as much as you think you do. BUT you are capable of more than you can possibly imagine.” What I love about these two simple sentences is that they get to the heart of the two things: pride and fear. Both speak to how I have the ability to limit my success in life and in leadership.

Pride reminds me I do not know as much as I think I know. It encourages me to approach my days with humility. I need to learn the art of listening with an open heart and an open mind. Pride reminds me I am capable of more than I can—or would ever dare to—imagine.

This advice was foundational when I was younger. It helped me learn how to show up and the posture I want to hold. At the time, I had the privilege of sitting on the executive team with legendary leaders who were decades older and more experienced. Michael Hyatt’s advice helped me know how to show up—confident yet curious.

What changes are needed to better support women in the workplace?

I recently had a baby, and it was the first time I was really clued into—and experienced—the lack of universal parental leave and childcare in America. This is something we need to change. I’ve realized that unfortunately it is a privilege to be able to have and support a child in America.

I am lucky to be incredibly supported by the leaders and my team at Onsite. My experience as a mother has opened my eyes to our past shortcomings with the mothers on my team and inspired me to be a better leader and support for the women who work with and for me.

How can others be mentors or resources to women in their networks?

One thing I have experienced from working in many industries is how small the world is. Because of this, it is so important to invest in relationships with people working with or for you. The value of these connections and relationships will come back to benefit them and you in the long run.

Invest in relationships by taking the time to go above and beyond to support people in your network.

I enjoy making connections. As people in my network make career transitions, I love to help them think about places they can invest their skills and people they should know. This does not take a lot of time for me, yet it goes a long way for those connections and relationships.

We’re honored to work and collaborate with women like Lindsey and grateful to highlight her experience through our International Women’s Day blog series. Our next blog post will feature Ava Drayton, Senior Vice President, Client Solutions at Ulteig.

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