Beehive staff volunteering packing food at a nonprofit.Give to the Max Day — Minnesota’s largest giving campaign — is coming up on Thursday, Nov. 18. Supporting GiveMN by donating to Give to the Max Day has long been a Beehive tradition. Our small team has collectively donated thousands of dollars to nearly 30 organizations. It’s been even more special this year because GiveMN selected us as its media relations partner for the 13th annual Give to the Max Day campaign. We are proud to support GiveMN and put our organizational values into action by matching our employee’s Give to the Max Day donations.

Employee expectations and matching funds

Giving back to the community through campaigns like Give to the Max Day and others is both the right thing to do and a smart, heartfelt way to activate organizational values. We know employees are leaving at unprecedented rates as the Great Resignation continues. One reason? The pandemic has given employees space and time to reflect on their personal values and priorities. Employees are seeking out organizations that provide a more significant purpose, inspiration and alignment to values. Successful organizations are thoughtful about defining their purpose or mission and activating values to support them, giving back, and empowering and supporting their employees to give back as well.

Beehive proudly activates our values and the social and community impact portion of our social impact commitment through: financial and in-kind donations, pro bono services to community and professional associations, organizations and non-profits, employee paid time off for volunteering and matching employee’s Give to the Max Day donations up to $250 per employee annually. Matching employee donations is a great way to support employees and maximize donation dollars to causes they care about.

Join Give to the Max Day 2021

Give to the Max Day is fueled by the generosity of individual donors. The campaign allows individuals to make a real difference in their local communities and donate to organizations that align with what’s important to them like education, the environment, support for BIPOC communities, pandemic relief and more.

  • One way to give based on values is for donors to renew support for causes they’ve supported in the past. We know that sustained support is integral to the success of the mission-driven organizations. This is especially true in the wake of the pandemic, as the need to give is greater than ever before. Sixty-three percent of organizations report they are just six to 12 months away from experiencing financial distress.
  • Donors can learn about and make a gift to a new cause during Give to the Max. There’s no shortage of good work and important causes to support through With more than 6,000 organizations receiving gifts last year, anyone can find the right organization for them using the search features on

Give to the Max Day isn’t just for Minnesotans, though. Donors from all over the country support Give to the Max Day each year. So, wherever you call home, please consider making a donation to an organization or two that align with your values, sharing the campaign with your employees and communities, and even offering matching funds. Your involvement in Give to the Max Day can have a big impact.


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