What we do

Help organizations authentically live their values and develop cultures designed to empower growth.

  • Authentically live purpose and values
  • Culture transformation
  • Manage recruitment and retention
  • Employee engagement strategy
  • Employer brand development
  • Advance equality, diversity and inclusion
  • Market differentiation and leadership
  • Wellness initiatives

Assess your organization's workplace culture.

It is more critical than ever for organizations to engage employees in new ways through compelling, authentic workplace cultures.

What engaged and retained employees in the past doesn’t resonate with the current workforce. Today’s employees expect more – more development opportunities, more coaching, more collaboration, more authenticity and transparency, more flexibility, a more profound sense of purpose and meaning.

Employees’ rising expectations start in their personal lives and transcend their professional lives. Organizations that embrace this shift and actively engage employees in nurturing workplace culture are most successful at creating a “human experience” instead of an employee experience.


When experience is bottom up and personal, it becomes focused on “human experience.”

Source: Deloitte Insights deloitte.com/insights

Beehive has done a tremendous job and exceeded expectations for internal communications, filling the void in an area where many others have tried and failed. The work this team has done has been consistently excellent, appreciated and noticed.
—Jeni Skar, Former Chief of Staff, University of Minnesota, Health

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