Today’s Meet the Team blog features senior Beehive team member Ayme Zemke, EVP, Client Experience. Ayme is certified in crisis communication and reputation risk management by the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) and is second-to-none in developing strong connections with her team, partners and clients.

Ayme’s strength in relationship-building, passion for her clients and focus on well-being all come through in her Q&A. We’re proud at Beehive of our core value of well-being, because when we prioritize well-being, we can be our best selves and do our best work. And that comes through clearly as you get to know Ayme.

What do you like most about working at Beehive?

I have always been someone driven by relationships. The connections I make with others is what inspires me to keep getting better. I have been part of Beehive for almost 19 years, which I can hardly believe. Those years have flown by, because each day brings new opportunities for me to grow and connect.

I have also been fortunate to be surrounded by the most amazing people. The smart, kind, authentic people who fill my days make everything I do at Beehive more interesting, more meaningful and more fun. I learn from our clients and team every day and that ensures I have the opportunity to keep growing and stretching in the most meaningful ways.

So, when I boil it down to what I like most about working at Beehive, it really comes down to relationships – with the team, our clients and our partner network.

What’s a recent project you’ve worked on at Beehive?

I’m very proud of our partnership with the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe. Beehive has been working with Band leadership and the community on the creation and activation of the Water Over Nickel campaign over the last year. This initiative focuses on protecting water and the environment from the risks associated with nickel mining. It’s an issue I am personally passionate about, and having the opportunity to partner with and learn from the Band has been a true career highlight.

What’s something you were able to do with your Beehive wellness dollars? How was that meaningful to you?

This year I’ve used my Beehive wellness dollars to support personal training sessions for myself. I was an athlete in high school and college, but it has been difficult to maintain regular workouts as an adult and working parent – even though I know it makes a huge difference in my energy and how I show up each day. I decided to invest in a personal trainer to support the accountability and consistency I need but have struggled to achieve.

Beehive wellness dollars have helped me reprioritize this for myself, and I’m proud to say I have been able to maintain a consistent workout schedule for nearly a year. I feel stronger and have more energy as a result, which means I can bring my best self to my work and family. In addition to the financial support, the Beehive team’s support of me making this a priority has been incredibly helpful.

Beehive opened our new Hive a year ago, but we remain a WFA company. What are your thoughts on that?

I’m so proud of our new office and how it was designed to be a workplace of the future. While we continue to be a work-from-anywhere company, we’ve also created a space that serves as a magnet for our people, clients and partners. The space easily adapts to different ways of working and building connections – no matter if people are in person or participating remotely.

I am grateful for the continued flexibility to do our work from wherever makes the most sense and that we never have to sacrifice collaboration. Beehive has worked hard to create a purpose-driven culture that is human-centered and that continues to be nurtured and prioritized as we all adapt to new ways of working together. Having the flexibility to serve our clients and work with the team across different physical locations, geographies, time zones, schedules and environments directly supports both my professional and personal success.

Strong culture and flexibility can both happen successfully within an organizational when values and trust are at the heart of how you work together every day.

What movie could you watch over and over? Why?

My all-time favorite movie (and one of my favorite soundtracks) is Almost Famous. I have watched it countless times and it always makes me happy. I think it’s the perfect blend of an engaging story, relatable characters and brilliant music. That the movie is based on the director’s real experiences as a young teenage reporter traveling with a band on tour makes it even more amazing. A few years ago, I was able to introduce the movie to my kids and am happy to say they love it too.

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