Ayme Zemke, SVP, Client Services of Beehive PR

Ayme Zemke

Chief Client Officer & Certified Crisis Communication Leader

(651) 789-2235



Ayme has the gift of understanding – the ability to see people’s needs and make meaningful connections that build trust. But that’s just part of what makes her a master of client service. Her clients and teams quickly learn that her insights get to the heart of what really matters to move businesses forward with purpose.

Certified in Crisis Communication and Reputation Risk Management | PRSA

Brand Experience

  • Adolfson & Peterson
  • Beaumont Health
  • Deluxe Corp.
  • GEHA
  • North Memorial Health
  • Salo




  • Board, PRSA


  • Positivity
  • Communication
  • Relator
  • Developer
  • Empathy

Career Experience

  • Padilla Speer Beardsley

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