Beehive Strategic Communication and Minnesota PRSA are co-hosting Pivot to Purpose: Creating Better Businesses and Better Results in the New Decade on Thursday, January 23.

Society is facing unprecedented challenges that are driving a heightened sense of urgency to address critical issues. Expectations are rising among employees, customers, communities and investors for businesses to play a leading role in solving issues far beyond profits and earnings. They expect businesses to act with purpose and live their values. They expect businesses to make a difference in their lives and in the world.

It’s a shift with vast implications for all businesses, including yours. Join us for an inspiring conversation designed to connect you to a deeper understanding of what it means to pivot to purpose.

Keynote Speaker

Conscious Company founder Maryanne O’Brien inspires and supports forward-thinking businesses to create a positive impact in the world. She will share the most powerful forces shaping our world today and help us see pathways to strategies and solutions designed to meet rising expectations.

MaryAnneOBrienMaryanne O’Brien

Founder, Conscious Company


Maryanne O’Brien is a growth architect dedicated to creating a positive impact in the world by inspiring higher levels of curiosity, creativity and consciousness within people and business. She is masterful at leading change, building cultures and communicating effectively. She strategically designs and activates frameworks to simplify change, spark divergent thinking and fuel collaboration.

Her work portfolio includes tours of service within the worlds of advertising, account planning, culture change, strategic consulting and ideation. She has helped to strategically build iconic brands, evolve and transform cultures and successfully launch new products, services and initiatives. Working within the walls of Fallon, Nordstrom and Apple ignited a passion for supporting brands that live their values as a means of value creation. It is why she created Conscious Company.



Our panel will feature purpose-driven C-suite leaders of businesses founded on and grounded in purpose. Leaders will discuss what their businesses stand for, what they stand up for and how they measure progress and results. The panel will be moderated by Lisa Hannum, CEO, Beehive Strategic Communication, a Certified B Corporation.


DionHugesDion Hughes

Founder and Creative Director, Persuasion Arts & Sciences

Founder, HiBAR Inc.


After a long career as a creative director at some of the world’s top ad agencies, Dion founded creative brand consultancy Persuasion Arts & Sciences, using creativity to help grow businesses such as Apple, Best Buy, and Lowe’s.

In 2018, he applied his problem-solving skills to a challenge of a different kind — plastic waste. The company he co-founded, HiBAR, is a fast-growing brand of salon-quality shampoos and conditioners. Dion is a multiple Adweek All-Star Creative, has dozens of Effie awards for marketing effectiveness, and was featured in the NYTimes best seller Decisive, by Chip and Dan Heath.


Becca HoeftBecca Hoeft

Chief Brand Officer, Sunrise Banks


With a breadth and depth of experience in marketing, public relations and corporate communications, Becca (only her mom calls her Rebecca) started her career in consulting and has spent most of her time in the finance/banking industry.  She’s also been involved with six startups ranging from film, fashion, technology and food, with her first startup being a social enterprise importing leather fashion accessories made by single mothers in Nairobi, Kenya. Speaking across the country, she is known for leading award-winning teams and has received recognition from the Cannes Film Festival for Best Media Campaign, Top 100 Things to Do in San Francisco Before You Die, Hermes, MSPBJ Women in Business, Ragan’s PR Daily, AMCP MarCom, and most recently, the Shorty for Good awards. When the day is done, you’ll find Becca behind a good travel book planning her next adventure, plunking a tune on the piano or laughing with her blended family.


Photo of Corey Brinkema

Corey Brinkema

President, Forest Stewardship Council – U.S.


Corey Brinkema has served for 12 years as president of the US national office of FSC, the world’s most trusted certification of forests and forest products. FSC’s global system spans more than 500 million acres and 40,000 companies, leading an ever growing marketplace for responsible sourcing. Corey brings 30+ years of experience in conservation and sustainable development in both the US and internationally. He holds a bachelors in Earth Sciences from Dartmouth College and an MBA from University of Michigan.

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