Burnt-Out Employee The PR Council SHEquality podcast featuring Beehive CEO Lisa Hannum went live on Wednesday. In this Daily Hacks for the Burnt-Out Employee episode, Lisa discusses how she and other Beehive employees remain positive, creative and curious day-after-day when taking weeks off work is not feasible.

The episode features our BeWell program, the importance of exploring both internationally and in our own backyards, and the agency’s refreshed dedication to increase emotional intelligence. Lisa and Lee go on to discuss the future of PR and building better businesses for a better world.

Here are some practices employees can use every day to stay engaged, creative and energized:


Getting a fresh perspective on life is critical to staying fresh and creative at work. Find a way to refuel your interests and passions. Unplugging from your devices daily can also help you reduce stress and reenergize.

Be Curious.

It’s not an option for most people to leave the job market for a year but unplugged vacations, travel, reading books, and listening to podcasts and Ted Talks can help you gain new, fresh perspectives.

Get Comfortable with Discomfort.

Put yourself in situations that stretch you and help you learn, grow and build your career. Lean into the discomfort with curiosity and neutrality.

Choose Positivity.

Focus on what’s possible vs. what’s not possible.


You can learn more about SHEquality and listen to other podcasts here.

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