St. Paul, Minn., October 13, 2022 — Beehive CEO, Lisa Hannum, was recently featured on the Her CEO Journey podcast, hosted by Christina Sjahli, who is also a fractional CFO for female founders and B Corp owner.

Lisa in the episode shares her entrepreneurial journey in building a people-centered business. She discusses the importance of organizational values and highlights how investing in people creates driven, empowered and thriving employees, thus creating a driven, empowered and thriving business.

“Culture is a journey. I think that we started with the core of the company being that we would really make this a people-centered business. That’s our product,” said Lisa. “What we promise to our employees is that they will have a positive, conscious, inclusive culture where our values are lived, and they are inspired to grow and do their best work.”

Listen to the podcast here.

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