EarMarked_SocialMediaSocial media is core to the marketing mix and brands are giving it its due in strategic planning process. It is a transformative communications tool with growing power and influence to attract, engage and retain customers. This month’s Earmarked looks at the social strategies, benefits and outcomes that are making a difference for brands in industries ranging from financial services to retail.

  1. Social Media: Moving from Danger to Brand Building Opportunity – MasterCard is transforming into a more consumer-focused company using social media.
  2. Here’s how Retailers are Really using Social Media to Boost Sales – Trends companies are using to add value at different stages of the retail funnel through social media.
  3. Top Trends for Healthcare and Wellness Marketers in 2014 – Act on these five trends to engage consumers in this rapidly evolving industry.
  4. The Hidden Benefits of Social Media Marketing – With a strategic plan, it takes time to build momentum and see the benefits.
  5. Why the Future of Digital Marketing is Pure PR – Four ways to maximize your PR efforts in the online arena.

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