Reflecting on where we’ve been can give us valuable insights about where to go next. We have compiled the “Best of Beehive” 2019 (rated by you — our readers) to wrap up the ’10s and welcome the ’20s with a focus on growth and optimism. We hope it will inspire you as you think about all that’s possible next year and beyond.

5. Modern workplace culture: Beehive’s guide to engaging employees and empowering growth

Today’s employees have rewritten the playbook on workplace cultures. They expect more development opportunities, coaching, collaboration, flexibility and transparency — and are ready to leave their current jobs to find it. Organizations must engage employees through compelling, authentic, modern workplace cultures to grow and succeed.

Read Beehive’s guide to engaging employees and empowering growth through modern workplace cultures.


4. Who owns change management?

Nicki Gibbs, EVP of strategy, completed Prosci’s rigorous change management certification program this year and is now a Prosci Certified Change Practitioner. After more than 30 hours of class time, Nicki’s key takeaway is that employees resist change when leaders fail to explain WHY the change is happening.

Read Nicki’s blog for more insights on why change fails and how leaders can plan for success.


3. How to use existing data to assess workplace culture

Keeping a pulse on your organization’s health is vital, yet assessing workplace culture can be a challenge. A variety of metrics should be used to identify opportunities for improvement, and organizations often already have a significant amount of data to provide an insightful look at the culture.

Ayme Zemke, SVP of client service, blogs about assessing workplace culture and the current state with four important organizational data points.


2. How to empower employees to give back

People are searching for purpose, inspiration and connections at work and in their personal lives. The season of gratitude and giving is the ideal time for companies to support employees to give back and give thanks.

Rebecca Martin, VP of talent and culture, in this blog post offers organizations ideas on how to connect giving with their purpose and values to empower employees to give back.


1. The importance of change management strategy

The average organization has undergone five enterprise changes in the past three years, according to a study by Gartner. Change is part of every business, and it is constantly accelerating. Change fuels all organizations — from start-ups to global enterprises — to be relevant and successful, respond to marketplace and employee expectations and grow.

Read CEO Lisa Hannum’s change management communication blog for a roadmap to deliver business transformation during times of change.

Beehive’s 2019 Social Impact

Beehive is a Certified B Corporation committed to supporting the communities where we live and work. Our focus is elevating women, professionally and personally, and advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace.

purpose-driven strategic communication firm

Hives Drives, our platform to donate time and resources to nonprofits in our local community, fuel our social impact initiatives. In 2019, we donated more than 1,000 pieces of career jewelry to women re-entering the workforce. We packed more than 4,000 meals for local school children, and we collected more than 550 pounds of non-perishable food items.

Our 2019 Hive Drives and other community initiatives include:

2019 Recognition

Beehive’s energized culture inspires well-being, creativity and growth. Our 2019 awards recognize our commitment to a positive workplace culture and employee growth and development.

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