St. Paul, Minn., April 17, 2018 – Beehive Strategic Communication expanded its client roster in Q1 to include new partnerships with Minnehaha Academy and Wellworth.  

Minnehaha Academy has engaged Beehive to develop a branding and communication strategy that connects with current and prospective students and their families and drives enrollment. This work comes on the heels of a tragic construction-related explosion at the school and supports subsequent rebuilding efforts.  

Wellworth partnered with Beehive to generate interest and excitement for The 428, a co-working space in the iconic downtown St. Paul Woolworth building. Beehive is working with the property development owners to market the building and attract co-working tenants.   “We are excited to partner with these purpose-driven brands to help them grow through strategic communication,” said Beehive Executive Vice President, Strategy, Nicki Gibbs.



About Beehive Strategic Communication Beehive Strategic Communication uses the power of communication to build better businesses for a better world. An energized culture supports its people in delivering fresh insights, creative strategies and meaningful connections that create enduring value for clients.

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