The rise of the shopping apps has pushed brick and mortar stores to tie their in-store shopping experience with online resources. And it’s driven e-retailers to update their digital layouts (think vertical) to better-fit mobile devices, which are thought of as “a retail outlet in a customer’s pocket” and for good reason. The next generation of shopping apps does more than focus on coupons and product information – it inspires shoppers to buy, and helps them decide where to do so. shopping_retail_smartphone_medium According to an infographic by Seemore Interactive, two out of three consumers use at least one device (e.g., smartphone or tablet) to research and make purchaseswhile shopping in-store. And 56 percent of people believe that mobile shopping can make the experience more enjoyable. Style and fashion apps are leading the charge. Three new apps have taken a cue from social media sites like Pinterest and Polyvore, combining inspiration with the 411 on where shoppers can add coveted items to their online shopping carts.

  1. As Seen on TV – Shazam is expanding its television tag function to identify outfits from TV shows, red carpets and newscasts. Once the outfit is snapped with the app, shoppers will be directed to a retailer’s site that sells the drool-worthy look. According to the Guardian, customers will be shazamming clothing soon.
  2. As Seen on the Streets – Street style photographer Phil Oh captured a hot look on Street PeeperAtlantic to Pacific blogger Blair was wearing it, but style-seekers want to know where they can get it, too. Kaleidoscope, a shopping tool and style inspiration app, links street style looks and fashion editorials to products on retail sites such as ShopBop and Macy’s.
  3. As Seen On-Trend – NM Service, an app prototype from Neiman Marcus takes personal shopping assistance to a whole new level. Neiman’s clients can send on-trend looks from magazines or runways to their favorite sales associates, who are then able to fill a dressing room with the coveted looks before the client arrives. Sales associates use a modified version of the app to pull up past purchases and complete the new on-trend look.

These fabulous shopping apps are engaging consumers, pumping up purchases, and, most importantly, answering the age-old question, “where did you get that?”

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