Visual communication can simplify the complex, spark memories and form powerful emotional connections. Incorporating them into your communication strategy is a smart way to make your message more engaging and effective.

Recently, Forbes editors laid out the top marketing trends for 2018: Artificial intelligence, live video and voice search were among the top trends. The takeaway? Consumers want information, and they want it fast. The answer? Make it visual. Why? Because visuals have the power to pack a lot of information and emotion into a quick, digestible format.

This is true no matter the industry or audience. That’s why we build it into our teams and the way we work. Each client team has a visual communication specialist who brings that expertise and perspective to the strategy.

Want to start incorporating visual communication into your work? Here are a few ideas on how to get started and enhance some of the work you’re probably already doing.

Use video to communicate instead of traditional formats

Instead of a written greeting at the beginning of a monthly newsletter or an employee email message, make it a video. It is more likely to be viewed and allows you to bring personality to your brand.

Measure and package complicated data into a visual story

Consider repackaging important information in a more modern, engaging way. Use infographics to highlight key stats and takeaways from complex data points. Or showcase your hard work and amazing results in a leader-friendly dashboard.

Make presentations more memorable

Challenge yourself to make your presentations visual. Slides aren’t meant to be read. They are intended to support your message. Use interesting visuals to enhance and drive home your key takeaways.   The speed and volume of information is only going to increase, and your message is only as effective as it is understood and acted upon. Visuals have the power to elevate communication, making emotional connections that inspire and facilitate lasting, meaningful change.


My point?

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