Beehive’s People Promise clarifies what we strive to achieve every day:  a healthy and energized work environment that values well-being, creativity, growth and connections so we all keep getting better.

But this Promise is just words unless we take actionable steps to make it happen. Here are three things Beehive does to bring the promise to life that I’ve really enjoyed being part of:

Healthy Lunch Club

The Healthy Lunch Club is a new addition to the Hive and is inspired by our focus on wellness. Every Monday, a team member volunteers to cook lunch for the club – a group of people who have a shared desire for health and well-being (and good food), and who value stepping away from their desk and connecting with each other. Trying new dishes and experimenting with my own cooking has been really fun for me and eating together provides a nice way to start out the week.

Setting Intentions

Setting intentions for your day or week gives you a clear vision of where you’re at physically and mentally. A daily intention allows you to think about who you want to be, how you want to act and react, and what you wish to contribute to the world around you. Intentions put the power of change in your hands and help you to achieve a healthy state of mind. On Mondays, team members at Beehive gather in our café to draw intention cards, giving ourselves some inspiration to guide us for the week. Whether we are choosing a goddess card, affirmation card or question-of-the-day card, we always walk away with a bit of inspiration.

In Zone

Napping on the job? Sure, why not? Experts say that taking a short, 10-20-minute power nap helps to boost alertness and energy, lift productivity and mood and improve memory and learning. If you’re feeling sluggish in the afternoon or just need a few quiet minutes to reboot, Beehive has the In Zone. This quiet, Wi-Fi shielded room is dedicated to relaxation and meditation, complete with comfortable seating, pillows, candles and the Chill Sac, an oversized bean bag chair.

These are just a few ways Beehive supports people’s health and happiness, allowing us all to be our best selves.

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