Strategy & Science: An Inside Look at Beehive’s Research and Insights Approach

Research and Insights

Regulatory and digital data. Continually updated news feeds and a 24-hr news cycle. We’re swimming in news, statistics and information, but how do we use it to benefit business? Staying ahead of sweeping political, regulatory and social changes takes focus and discipline.


Beehive’s Research & Insights approach is founded in the belief that with an inherent curiosity and the right tools, business strategists are uniquely positioned to uncover keen insights that lay the groundwork for meaningful brand experiences. Here’s an inside look:


The Right Data + Research Rhythm + Curiosity & Creativity = Insights

1. Capturing the Right Data

A deep dive into a search engine rabbit hole can be expertly averted using defined research parameters. Here are a few key questions to get focused from the start:

  • What movements and triggers are influencing your stakeholders?
  • What are your company’s key business goals in the next 60 days? The next quarter? Year?
  • Which policymakers, competitors, industry influencers or potential crisis themes should be monitored daily? Weekly?


2. Find your research rhythm

Carving out scheduled time between to-do lists and deadlines is essential to staying on top of the latest news and industry trends impacting your business.

Beehive developed a Trending Topics Report that can be delivered to our clients in weekly, monthly or quarterly snapshots to help them stay ahead of and respond to industry changes in real-time.

Some headlines need to reach leadership’s inbox “as it happens” and other stories can be saved for a comprehensive research report that provides an in-depth analysis and strategic business recommendations. Whatever rhythm is right for your business, consistency is the key.


3. Curiosity & Creativity

So how can businesses use marketplace insights to drive success? Take REI’s #OptOutside campaign for example. The outdoor retailer found data that the biggest shopping event of the year, Black Friday, puts a strain on both employees and families.

In response to that insight, REI now closes its doors the day after Thanksgiving and pays its 12,000+ employees to spend time outdoors, living its brand values. More than 1.4 million people and 170 nonprofit partners, government agencies and businesses participate.

It was a “bold idea” that generated more than brand-name recognition and sales. The campaign’s message and curated resources (mobile apps, outdoor snack kits and more) gave the company a window in time to communicate its passion for outdoor adventure all with the purpose of helping connect people to what matters most during the holidays. Time with family.


That’s what makes this work exciting—it’s part strategy, part social science. We find that some of the most inspiring “aha” insights are prompted by bringing a curious and observant lens to the data and to your world.